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  • VB100 Awarded Antispyware SolutionAccording to VB100, an independent magazine devoted to antispyware solutions, PCKeeper is one of the best spyware removal products in the world.
  • Fastest Online Spyware ScanPCKeeper will scan your PC for spyware and protect it in real time, without any negative impact on speed.
  • Windows Security Center IntegrationPCKeeper's antispyware is fully compatible with Windows 7 and supports all Microsoft solutions.

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  • “PCKeeper is the digital swiss army knife anti spyware protection software…”,Softonic.com

  • “…I had to test numerous antispyware solutions… PCKeeper is one of the best available…”,FamousWhy

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  • “PCKeeper's antispyware beats the competition at all points. ZeoBIT guys, you are the best!!!”, Jon Sadler

  • “<3 PCKeeper. Simple, nice and versatile - exactly what I need”, Linda C. Couch

Data Recovery

Spyware is a common name for malicious programs that sneak into your computer from online to cause various computer problems and even steal your confidential info. Unawareness of a spyware threat may lead to serious consequences, even financial loss.

The most widespread solution to a spyware problem is to run an online spyware scan with a special anti spyware protection tool and then remove the found spyware programs from the computer. But how to pick up the best antispyware solution? Let’s find out.

The most dangerous problem of online spyware scanners is the fact that they actually turn out to be spyware/malware disguised as antispyware. These malicious programs fool the Windows users by convincing them that their system is in danger and they should urgently install the “best spyware removal tool”. But as soon as the frightened users do it, they become a spyware victim and harm their system instead of healing it. So how to tell the difference between a real and a fake spyware protection program?

  1. The best antispyware solutions should be downloaded only from trusted sources. Never download anything from websites you have never seen before!
  2. Carefully read online reviews about the chosen antispyware program. But some reviews can be fake as well, so watch out for scam!
  3. If the spyware protection program is trying to scare you into downloading it, then for sure it’s fake antispyware.
  4. Inaccurate and weak online spyware scan is another sign of a fake spyware protection program.