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  • Best Anti Spyware According to VB100As reported by VB100's Reactive and Proactive test, PCKeeper belongs to the top 10 spyware removal tools.
  • Microsoft Security Center IntegrationPCKeeper works together with all Microsoft solutions and makes your PC cleaner, faster, more secure and reliable.
  • On-the-Spot Spyware RemovalPCKeeper's real-time protection will not only remove spyware from your PC but also ensure its top performance.

Expert reviews:

  • “PCKeeper is the digital swiss army knife anti spyware protection software…”,Softonic.com

  • “…I had to test numerous antispyware solutions… PCKeeper is one of the best available…”,FamousWhy

Customer reviews:

  • “PCKeeper's antispyware beats the competition at all points. ZeoBIT guys, you are the best!!!”, Jon Sadler

  • “<3 PCKeeper. Simple, nice and versatile - exactly what I need”, Linda C. Couch

Data Recovery

Every day you are under threat of a spyware attack as you surf the Internet. In case your browser doesn't have a built-in spyware blocker, this threat becomes even more serious, meaning that it's time to install a spyware removal tool.

There are plenty of spyware removers available online, and sometimes it becomes hard to choose the best spyware removal solution. Some of them are inefficient by user reviews, others work slowly, and some spyware scanners may even turn out to be disguised malware programs. Such copycat spyware removal software cheats the users by advertising the "best spyware remover". To draw attention, spyware developers use scary tactics trying to convince the user that their computer may go out of order very soon if they won't download the advertised "anti spyware software". So, if you see such ad, ignore it and better search for a real spyware cleaner that will run a real-time spyware scan and detect dangerous items on your PC.

The best spyware remover should be downloaded from a trusted website and developed by a trusted software vendor. If you see a suspicious website, leave it right away if it isn't blocked by your browser's spyware detector. The best anti spyware solution will never try to scare you with threats, as it already has a circle of trust and doesn't need this kind of advertising. Make sure that you have only the best spyware scanner to search and destroy spyware!